distressed properties in illinois

4 Tips for Selling Distressed Properties in Illinois

Selling a home under the best of circumstances can be challenging to say the least, so when you add the factor of a property in a distressed condition, the headaches begin to multiply pretty quickly. Preparing yourself for the realities of the market should you find yourself in this position can help you avoid the … Continued

selling your mortgage note nationwide

Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Mortgage Note Nationwide

Usually, private mortgage holders sell their note in order to deal with urgent financial needs that require a large sum of money. The reasons include paying off debt, taking care of medical bills, paying college tuition, paying legal fees, and so on. There are, in fact, no restrictions on how you can spend the money … Continued

note buying in Chicago

Note Buying in Chicago: The Niche Strategy You Should Know About!

Even beginners can take their first step into the world of real estate investing through the reasonably easy to open door that notes offer. Do not overlook the opportunities that notes offer investors for diversification to achieve a well-balanced portfolio. Notes or promissory notes in real estate are, in essence, an IOU to the lender … Continued

Trouble Paying Your Mortgage During COVID

Having Trouble Paying Your Mortgage During COVID? What 2021 May Look Like For You.

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage during COVID? It’s estimated that 400,000 homeowners who qualified for government-backed mortgage forbearance programs did not take advantage of the benefits and are already behind on their mortgages. As the new year approaches, the moratorium on government-backed mortgages ends. Nationally, an average of 1 in 10 homeowners are … Continued

How Do You Start Buying Notes In Your Local Market

How Do You Start Buying Notes In Your Local Market?

Are you thinking about investing in notes? If so, then keep reading because this blog post is all about answering the question, “How do you start buying notes in your local market?” Many people first come to real estate by traditionally investing in properties, structures, and houses on land. Then, as they learn more about … Continued

What Are The Risks of Note Buying In Illinois

What Are The Risks of Note Buying in Illinois?

If you’re thinking about buying notes, you probably arrived on this article because you are doing your due diligence and you want to know what are the risks of note buying in Illinois to help you determine whether or not to invest in them. That’s a smart decision to perform due diligence before doing ANY … Continued

Advantages of Real Estate Note Investing

4 Advantages of Real Estate Note Investing

If you’re thinking about buying real estate notes (paper), you’ll love the many benefits they provide. It’s no shock that more and more real estate investors are now jumping on board to buy notes! In this article, you’ll discover 4 advantages of real estate note investing… In the world of real estate investing, there are … Continued

Buying Real Estate Notes

How to Avoid Going Broke Buying Real Estate Notes

Are you a real estate investor looking at investing in mortgage notes? If so, you might be wondering how to avoid going broke buying real estate notes. After all, notes are a simple, fun way to invest in real estate without a lot of the downside and headaches that other investors experience. Keep reading to … Continued

how to value a real estate note

How To Value A Real Estate Note For Note Buyers And Sellers

If you’ve considered selling your private note, or an investor thinking about purchasing mortgage notes, one of your first thoughts will be to determine the value of the note itself. How much it’s worth, and how much can you buy or sell it for. So you’re probably wondering how to determine the value of a … Continued

selling an unsecured promissory note illinois

Selling An Unsecured Promissory Note In Illinois Made Easy

If you’re in Illinois (especially Chicago), when it comes to unsecured promissory notes, there are two things to keep in mind: Its current value and its future value.  If you are considering selling an unsecured promissory note in Chicago, the first thing you need to do is determine its current value or market value (that … Continued

selling my private mortgage note IL

Private Mortgage Note Can I Sell Mine?

There has never been a better time to sell a IL mortgage note or promissory note, so if you’re wondering “Can I sell a private mortgage note in Chicago IL?” the answer is: you absolutely can! Interest rates are very attractive right now but that could change at any moment, and interest rates could start … Continued